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Erin Wright's Journey with Real Lives. Real Money.Real Change.

Updated: Mar 22

Get insights from a former young grant-maker in England on how YouthBank can impact young lives, starting as early as 13. Listen to Erin's perspective on how it can influence shifts in personal choices and attitudes.

 "I think putting the money directly in young people's hands, to then put that money in other young people's hands is so important.  It was a real life experience of how these resources can be used and that's something that's followed me through. Not just about having a voice and having a say but also having direct action and having access to resources and  being responsible for them being used well.   I think that fostered a sense of Justice and fairness in  me as well.  It was sort of a political awakening  in a lot of  ways and that sense that if I have access to these resources, then all young people should”

An inspiration for anyone budding young grant-makers out there!

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