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Interview with Mubashar Khaliq (NSPCC): Reviving YouthBanks in England


In the dynamic youth work sector, influential figures who make a lasting difference in young people's lives are truly inspiring. Mubashar Khaliq, a dedicated local campaigns manager at NSPCC, has dedicated over 15 years to developing and delivering impactful campaigns for the protection of children and young people. Recently, Mubashar has played a significant role in supporting the YouthBank initiative, which encourages young individuals to take charge of their projects and campaigns. I recently conducted an interview with Mubashar and learned so many insightful things about the journey to his career and his views on the potential of the YouthBank initiative.

A Personal Journey Rooted in Youth Work

Mubashar's personal journey in youth work began as a young person himself. Having experienced the transformative effect of youth programs, he was driven to give back to his community. Starting as a volunteer, he gradually engaged with various community groups and focused on issue-based programs. He later pursued a career in teaching and gained valuable experience in youth development through his work in secondary schools.

Leading Change and Inspiring Youth

Throughout his career, Mubashar has embraced an inclusive approach, recognising the significance of youth participation and collaboration. His aim has been to involve young people as active stakeholders in his initiatives. As a local campaigns manager at NSPCC, Mubashar coordinates safeguarding campaigns by bringing together partners to address pressing issues. His ultimate goal is to ensure that young voices are heard, their ideas are valued, and they become catalysts for change.

Revitalising YouthBank in England

Mubashar has played an essential role in supporting and promoting the revival of the YouthBank initiative in England. Recognising the need for sustainability and starting with small steps, the YouthBank initiative has been reintroduced with a fresh approach. Mubashar aims to effectively manage resources and create a lasting impact.

The Potential for Youth-Led Initiatives

YouthBank provides young individuals with a platform to transform their ideas into reality. By becoming part of a YouthBank, they have the opportunity to lead, make informed decisions, and initiate meaningful projects within their communities. Participation in YouthBank helps young people develop valuable skills, boosts their confidence, and opens doors to personal and professional growth.

Challenges and Opportunities

The YouthBank initiative faces various challenges despite its immense potential. Securing sustainable resources and funding, as well as managing young people's commitments, are key obstacles. However, with strategic planning, a focus on retention, and adequate support, these challenges can be overcome. The YouthBank initiative strives to provide an environment where young people can thrive, learn, and contribute to their communities, ensuring their voices are heard and their projects are realised.

Final Thoughts

Mubashar Khaliq's journey in the youth work sector highlights the power of passion, dedication, and fostering youth-led change. Through his role as a local campaigns manager at NSPCC and his support for the YouthBank initiative, he has created opportunities for young people to drive positive transformations. The YouthBank initiative offers a fresh start, empowering young individuals to make a tangible impact, gain valuable skills, and contribute to a brighter future. As the initiative continues to evolve, it holds the promise of nurturing a new generation of change-makers who are determined to shape a better tomorrow for themselves and their communities.

By Sayra Tasnim

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