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The Journey of a 15-Year-Old Grantmaker: Daniel's Story with YPAC YouthBank in North Manchester

Meet Daniel, a 15-year-old Grantmaker from Manchester, who has gone through on a remarkable journey with YPAC YouthBank in North Manchester. In a candid conversation with Niamh & Sayra from YBI, Daniel shares his transformation from a nervous newcomer to an empowered advocate for his community.

"I'm with YPAC," Daniel says when asked about his affiliation with YouthBank. His journey began with curiosity and skepticism. "Before I joined, I didn't know much about it. I thought, who's going to give money to random people we don't know much about? I didn't see the point. But as we got more into it, I realized there's more to it than just giving out money."

As Daniel got more engaged with his YouthBank, his perspective evolved. "We started to understand the kind of people we're helping and the issues we want to address in our community," he explains. "We identified problems like knife crime, poverty, and littering. It's not just about handing out money; it's about making a tangible difference."

Through discussions and research, Daniel and his team identified the pressing issues in North Manchester. "Knife crime has been a major concern lately, but it's not the only problem. There are also many struggling families in our area who could benefit from support," he highlights. "By focusing on these issues, we aim to create meaningful change and support those who need it most."

Participating in YouthBank activities has not only opened Daniel's eyes to the challenges facing his community but has also boosted his confidence and communication skills. "Before YouthBank, I was more reserved. But now, I feel more confident speaking out and engaging with others," he reflects. "It's like a switch has been flipped, and I'm more aware of the world around me."

One particularly impactful activity involved a role-playing exercise that shed light on social inequality. "We were given cards with different identities and faced scenarios that challenged our perceptions," Daniel recalls. "It was eye-opening to see how discrimination plays out in society. It made me realize the importance of advocating for equality."

For Daniel, YouthBank has been a transformative experience. "It's not just about the projects we fund; it's about personal growth and community empowerment," he emphasizes. "I've learned to speak up, take action, and make a difference. It's a beautiful experience, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of it."

As Daniel continues his journey with YPAC YouthBank, he remains committed to driving positive change in North Manchester. With newfound confidence and passion, he's poised to make a lasting impact on his community, one grant at a time.

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