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Young People at the Manchester Settlement Spark Transformation with YPAC YouthBank Grant

Last April, Manchester Settlement's youth community achieved a milestone by securing a grant from the YPAC YouthBank. This marked a crucial step in their mission to rejuvenate the center. Their persuasive proposal aimed to convert an interior space into a calm room, alongside enhancing the exterior for an inviting hangout. Their triumph earned them £950—a testament to turning aspirations into reality.

Midway through their ambitious project, Manchester Settlement's youth shared their progress with YPAC. They have succeeded in bringing their calm room to reality by investing not only funds but also their collective creativity. These young people committed themselves to not only pitching for the funds from their local YouthBank, designing the space but also have put in the time and effort to paint and decorate. A truly youth-led project.

This journey has offered invaluable learning. Pitching their proposal and witnessing their vision materialize has equipped them with skills for life. Finding solutions to problems and seeing a project through is a hugely rewarding experience for all involved.

Manchester Settlement's youth are now preparing for the second phase: revitalizing the outdoor space. Their journey showcases that resources aligned with dedication bring transformative change. A great example of Real Money igniting Real Change in the Lives of young people in Manchester.

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